Dear CAPA Student,

Soon you will be embarking upon your study abroad adventure! Undoubtedly this will be an exciting and life changing experience for you. Living in a new country, even for a short period of time, can be overwhelming but extraordinarily rewarding. There is no way to fully prepare for everything that you might encounter on your journey, and we encourage you to embrace differences and expect the unexpected – it is the unpredictable nature of life abroad that’s half the fun!

The following materials are intended to help prepare you for just a few of the little surprises that you may come across during your time abroad. Please use these pre-departure materials as references for your travels and remember to bring them with you overseas. Once you arrive in-country, our on-site international program coordinators will be happy to answer any additional questions or concerns that may arise.

Read through the information within this website carefully, and share it with friends and family members as you see appropriate.

Above all else, remember to enjoy your time abroad! Take advantage of every minute, be safe, and happy travels!

Warm regards,

The CAPA Team

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