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Sydney is a large bustling city full of rich history in every little nook and cranny.  Yet, at the same time it is paving the way for the future as well in fashion, art, music, food, business, technology, science, architecture and so much more.  Check out our CAPA Sydney Blog and Instagram below to see what CAPA students have to say.

Latest Posts from Sydney

  • A Spring Break-Week Trip to Bali, Indonesia
    In this post, CAPA Alumna Alexandra Crowe recounts an unforgettable 10 day adventure from Sydney to Bali during her Spring 2018 Semester Abroad.  There are so many different things that I could talk about for days in relation to my time abroad in Sydney, but one read more
  • A Virtual Tour The CAPA Sydney Center
    Welcome to the CAPA Sydney center! On today's virtual tour, Nicolas shows you a glimpse of study abroad life in Australia. From the gorgeous courtyard outside to roomy classrooms indoors, take a look at where you could spend one of your future semesters. The center is read more
  • My Experience With the CAPA Sydney Sports Management Program
    With Australia being a sports hub and a two-time Olympics host country, studying sports management in Sydney was too good for Nicolas to pass up. During his semester abroad, he interned at a tennis club and got to know the sports culture of the country better. read more

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Multicultural Sydney

  • Home to 120+ nationalities
  • More than 250 languages spoken here
  • Has more than 100 beaches
  • Average temperatures: 73°F (Jan) – 55°F (July)
  • Population 4.8 million

Go Beyond

Ready to learn more?!

At CAPA we appreciate the diverse backgrounds and interests of our students! We have compiled a list of resources to help you feel more at home in your new city. Included you’ll find information regarding major news sources and things to do in Sydney. You’ll also find resources for students going abroad as an LGBTQ student, students with a disability, students who have dietary restrictions, and students who are wondering how their racial and ethnic identity may be impacted in their new city.

This is only a brief introduction to your city and all it has to offer so please reach out to your program manager with any specific questions or concerns. At CAPA we pride ourselves on our ability to meet individual student needs and go above and beyond to ensure we offer the best student experience abroad possible!

Major news sources
Location specific “Things to Do”
Religious Services and Resources
LGBTQ Community Resources
Community Resources on Race and Ethnicity
Disabilities Abroad
Food resources: Dietary restrictions

Major news sources

Location specific “Things to Do”

Religious Services and Resources 

 LGBTQ Community Resources

Community Resources on Race and Ethnicity

 Disabilities Abroad

 Food resources: Dietary restrictions

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