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Biographic Page of Passport

If you do not have a passport – Apply for a passport 

If you have a passport check to see that your current passport is valid for at least SIX months AFTER your scheduled return date to the USA

You can either bring a photocopy to Ginny Casper, scan/email or send by regular mail




2. Confirm whether you are doing an internship by sending an e-mail to Donna Sichak at


3. Health and Medical Form

Click here to access the form

Students participating on a Union study abroad program must receive a complete physical examination before departure

Complete pages 2-4

Your physician must complete page 4, the Physician’s Statement, during the required physical

A parent must sign both pages 3 and 4


4. Copy of Unofficial Transcripts




Step 1. Begin your application. This first part of the application will ask you general questions regarding your experience abroad, such as your housing preferences, information about your emergency contacts, etc. Please take time to complete this section as thoughtfully as possible.

Step 2. Recommendation Request. Are you applying for an internship? If so, we require that you submit two letters of recommendation (see Step 3 for more information). If you do not already have copies of these letters of recommendation, you can request that they be submitted electronically. An e-mail will be sent to your recommenders with log in details for them to complete a recommendation on your behalf. It is a good idea that you confirm recommenders before giving their contact details in this section, so that they know to anticipate the e-mail that is generated by the system and do not delete it. Please note, you can skip this section completely if you are NOT applying for an internship.

Step 3. Internship Application. For more information on completing the internship application, please spend some time on this site: This will outline information about some of the documents that you will need. For a short list of items that you will need to collect however:

– Cover Letter

– Resume

– 2 Letters of recommendation (1 Academic – University Level, and 1 Professional) A long term volunteer experience or an internship would be perfectly suitable for the professional letter of recommendation.

– 1 Police Background Check

Step 4. Courses. You will receive a SEPARATE e-mail regarding course selections closer to your program start date.

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