University of Dayton Summer in Sydney

Application Deadlines

Application Deadline March 12, 2018

Program Dates

Program Dates

Arrive May 17, 2018
Depart June 28, 2018

Payment Process

For More Information about program fees and payment through the University of Dayton: 


Students will live in apartments in central Sydney within commuting distance of their courses and internships.


An Opal card is included for transport throughout Sydney, on ferries, trains, busses and the light rail.


A full day to the Blue Mountains, and a CAPA Sydney Food Crawl

My Global Education Sydney

My Global Education is CAPA’s unique learning immersion program which blends local culture and top-notch academics into the experience of a lifetime for our students. A proven education program that combines theme-based learning with unique cultural experiences turning Sydney into your classroom.


All CAPA students receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance

CAPA Services and Support

The CAPA Sydney team is available throughout your program to assist and support you. Students can also contact the 24 hour emergency cell phone for any urgent situations outside of office hours.



This is definitely the most common choice for CAPA students studying in Sydney. The reason for this may be the sense of community you get by living with other American students on the CAPA program with you. Living in student apartments, you will share an apartment with other University of Dayton students participating in the program!You will be able to explore together and make the trip to CAPA with your flatmates.

Some things to remember about staying in apartments:

  • Be prepared to cook for yourself! You will be provided with a kitchen, refrigerator, stove and other basic cooking supplies to make meals or lunches in your apartment. Every housing area is within a short walk of a local grocery store, so it is easy to pick up ingredients you may need. This will help you budget your money better by not having to eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner every day.
  • You will have access to a laundromat on site to do your laundry, at cost.
  • You will have roommates! Apartments are much smaller than in the US, so try your best to not over pack. You will most likely live with several other students, and share a bedroom with one of them. This means you should expect to respect their space as you would want them to respect yours.
  • Be prepared to share a bathroom. Leave extra time in the morning to get ready—your flat mates will probably be trying to get out the door to class or their internship at the same time you are!
  • Commuting will be a way of life. The average Sydneysider has a commute well over an hour. You should anticipate that an average commute each way could be 45 to 75 minutes. This is a reflection of the size of Sydney.


All 3 courses are required.

CMM 498: Communication Internship (3 credits)
Students will complete a 20 hour/week internship in Sydney (120 hours total). Support for applying and putting together materials will be provided by our site provider. Students will do Skype interviews before departure and receive placement accordingly. Internships are competitively awarded, thus top choice of internship is not guaranteed but an internship placement is.

**Note this course can only count for graded credit twice. If you have already done an internship for credit please verify that you can take it again for credit.
Prerequisites: CMM 100, CMM 201, CMM 202, (CMM 330 for PUB and JRN concentrations), (CMM 343 for RTV concentration), and (at least one class within the concentration for CMT concentration); permission of department chairperson.

CMM 469: Crisis Communication (3 credits)
This course will examine theories and typologies of the different crises an organization may encounter as well as strategic communication strategies for addressing crises and how to build an effective crisis plan. The course will use case studies and current events in addition to theory based readings to provide students with an understanding of crisis communication and practice responding to various crises.
****Prerequisite(s): CMM 360 or permission of instructor

CMM 499: International Leadership (3 credits)
The course will explore leadership in intercultural environments. We will focus on abilities to understand and motivate team members, to manage individual and collective behavior, to establish and negotiate complex interpersonal relationships and conflict, and to do it all in the context of multiple, sometimes similar, and sometimes competing cultural traditions and their related value systems. Buckle up!


Dr. Kelly Vibber (Assistant Professor, Department of Communication) (Site Coordinator)
Dr. Sam Wallace (Professor, Department of Communication)

Internships and more…





Students studying in Sydney can take advantage of CAPA’s extensive network of internship sites, offering internship placements for many majors.

Internships available include businesses of many kinds, as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.  Our local staff visit each CAPA internship site, many of which are frequent recipients of CAPA interns.  Students are placed in sites that best meet their individual interests, abilities and academic background.  The internships are within commuting distance of the center (45 – 75 minutes).

CAPA will help you to gain professional experience in your field of study in a global environment. Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect to earn through your participation in an international internship experience.

– Demonstrate flexibility and courage in unfamiliar surroundings.

– Gain cross-cultural communications skills.

– Learn about your field from a different perspective.

– Stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.

– Build relationships with international references.

– Find further immersion in local culture.

– Get academic credit for your work.

The number of credits earned for the internship experience varies between 3 and 6 credits per University. A required component of the Global Internship Program is the course.  This seminar course meets once or twice a week. In addition to coursework assigned, students should anticipate working up to 20 hours each week at the internship site.

 *Please check with your home campus or CAPA staff to confirm your institution’s specific requirements.

You can learn more about the Global Internship Program under the “Applying” tab.


If you’d like to enrich your experience through volunteering whilst you are in Sydney, CAPA staff can help point you in the right direction. There are many ways to get involved that will make an impact on the local community as well as your perception of your host city. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with locals, expand your worldview, and try something new. By volunteering in Sydney, you’ll engage in an authentic cultural exchange that will enable you to experience your study abroad program to the fullest.

Types of Opportunities (Please note these vary each semester. You will need to reach out to Sydney staff in country to see what opportunities are available to you.):

  • Lentils As Anything
  • Cancer Council
  • Working with disadvantaged youth
  • And numerous other options!
Click on the image above to read Timmy Winderl’s blog about his experience volunteering in Sydney.

Programming and Activities

CAPA’s unique My Global Education Program was developed to offer you, the student, a unique opportunity to make decisions about how you will learn about culture according to how you enjoy learning.  Compiled by local CAPA education abroad advisers, the calendar offers a menu of different activities, events, volunteer opportunities, lectures, visits, and self-directed tours to help teach you the most about Sydney.

With My Global Education in Sydney, you and your new CAPA friends will be able to:

– Visit La Perouse to learn about boomerangs
– Take the coastal walk along Sydney Harbour
– See the night sky from an Aboriginal perspective at the Sydney Observatory
– Go explore Cockatoo Island
– Attend the Melbourne Cup

– And many more!

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities with varying styles of presentation. This allows you to pick a session that speaks to you and your way of learning.

My Global Education
Click on the image above to read about Kristina Worm’s experience at a My Global Education tour of the Sydney Opera House!

What will I be able to do with My Global Education?

CAPA presents a My Global Education Calendar to all students and faculty.  The events, reflective sessions, and activities listed are designed around significant academic themes such as Diversity, Social Dynamics, Globalization and Urban Environments.  Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well rounded, and in depth view of Sydney and Australia.

Some CAPA professors integrate My Global Education activities into their courses and assessment, so that you may have an opportunity to reflect upon, write about and present your experiences. My Global Education is also an excellent way to develop areas of interest that may be extended into an application for the CAPA Record of Achievement.

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