Rice University London

Spring Semester 2011

The London Experience

Live like a Londoner and be inspired by a program that immerses you in local culture, academically and socially, through a classroom like no other. A city of international business, fine arts, design, theatre, technology, politics, and finance awaits you.

Regardless of your major, our academic courses keep you on track while you soak up regional history and culture. Study abroad options include courses with local visits, service-learning, and special lectures related to your study abroad experience, all designed to engage you in critical thinking and challenge you to pursue subjects through academic and field research.

As one of the largest internship providers in London , we have built an extensive network of internship sites in businesses, nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations. Work with locals and enhance your resume! Build professional skills and gain perspective as you engage a network of international contacts in your field.

As a Rice University student, you will earn Rice University credit while participating on the CAPA London program, instead of having to apply for transfer credit.

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