Study abroad with Pitt Faculty & CAPA!

The University of Pittsburgh has partnered with CAPA The Global Education Network to provide you with exciting opportunities to add an international dimension to your education.

Check out these program links for more information from Pitt and how to get started on your application:

Summer Programs


Pitt in Florence: Early Childhood Education

Pitt in Florence: Engineering the Renaissance

Pitt in Florence: Global Identity

Pitt in Florence: Exploring Art in Italy


Pitt Field Studies in London: Undergraduate Research

Pitt in London: Comparative Sign Language

Pitt in London: Children’s Experiences of War and Trauma


Pitt in Dublin: Comparative Justice in Ireland

Pitt Plus3 Transfer Program to Dublin

Pitt in Dublin: Irish Language

Semester Programs

Pitt MAP Spring 2018: Global Health in China, Australia and Argentina

Pitt in London: Film Institute (Fall and Spring)

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