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What/When to Expect Emails with Key Information Before You Depart
What to Expect When You are in Country FAQs

What/When to Expect Emails with Key Information Before You Depart

Your Program at a Glance Email: This email will be sent about a month before you depart. It will include a calendar of your schedule for the term and some excursion dates will be provided.

CAPAcket: This email will be sent to you about 2 weeks before you depart, it will contain:

  • Housing information
  • Instructions on how to travel from the train to your accommodations

Arrival at your Residence:

  • A CAPA team member will check you in.
  • You will take a walking tour around your local area. Our CAPA London team will point out the closest tube station, pharmacy, grocery store, and other points of interest.

What to Expect When You are in Country FAQs

Where is the CAPA London Center?

The CAPA London Center is in the lively area of Kensington. Centrally located near the Gloucester and Earl’s Court tube stops, the CAPA London Center is only steps away from pubs, shopping, a supermarket, as well as Kensington Palace and Gardens.

The classrooms in which most of your courses will be taught are frequently located in and around the CAPA London Center. This provides you with easy access to the CAPA computer lab, and allows you to touch base with the CAPA support staff when necessary. This provides you with easy access to the CAPA computer lab, and allows you to touch base with the CAPA support staff when necessary.

Who is the local staff?

The CAPA London Team staffs the CAPA Center in London. They are true experts in their field, and you’ll find them to be a great resource on many British subjects, from the best place for fish and chips, to the directions to the closest metro station.

Are there internet facilities? Should I bring my laptop?

The CAPA London Center has a computer lounge with wireless access and computers for student use. Student apartments will have wireless access. Be prepared for the fact that it will be slower than what you are accustomed to in the US, and the amount of data you may use will be limited.  If you do bring a laptop, you may want to consider purchasing additional insurance on it.

What will I eat?

London is an international center, and you’ll find foods and flavors from all over the globe. In addition to the many supermarkets, try shopping around outdoor markets for local delicacies and the best that London and England have to offer.

In comparison to the rest of Europe, British breakfasts are more similar to those of the United States. It may consist of anything from eggs, to toast or cereal. Lunch, again, is similar to what you’d be accustomed to in the United States. A sandwich, soup, or salad is the norm. If you go to the pub, you might order the Ploughman’s lunch, which is a platter of a hard roll, different cheeses, and pickles, or perhaps the British standard of fish and chips. This is more typical dinner fare. If you are living with a host family, you can expect a light breakfast and balanced dinner to be provided.

Please be forthcoming about any dietary restrictions you might have on your CAPA application, especially if you are living with a host family. CAPA will always do it’s best to accommodate these needs, but be advised that you may need to purchase some grocery items yourself if they will not be used by the host family.

How can I find out more information on how to prepare?

The US government has created a very useful website for students preparing to study abroad. It contains information on obtaining travel documents, staying healthy and knowing what to do in an emergency, safety tips, how to find the nearest embassy, how to vote while overseas, and more. Visit their website here.

What else might I need?

There’s never really any way of predicting everything you could need while abroad, but some precautionary measures can make everything easier.

  • Keep a photocopy of your passport on hand. If it gets lost, having a copy of this will expedite the process of getting a replacement.
  • Keep a photocopy of any credit cards your student is bringing. Again, in the event of an emergency, this information can be useful.
  • Make sure you have an active passport!! Should there be an emergency and you have to travel overseas, it is imperative that you have an active passport on hand!

Discussing Safety 


CAPA has created an official study abroad safety app, Guardian (available via Android and IOS devices), which can be downloaded by students to use as a resource that will help ensure that you have a safe and healthy experience abroad. With the use of Guardian, during an emergency CAPA staff can send notifications to students, and when students check in, CAPA staff are informed of their safety and location.

What CAPA does in the event of an emergency

We understand that when anyone travels abroad, there is always the risk of an emergency incident occurring. In the case of a crisis, CAPA has a crisis communication plan and teams in place to lead the plan, track students to confirm their location and safety, and relay this information to their home institutions.

We work together with Docleaf, a professional crisis response organization with over 15 years of experience in global crises management and communication support to determine a plan of action while providing us with around the clock support for dealing with a student emergency or large-scale crisis.

In the case of an emergency, CAPA prioritizes ensuring student safety first, therefore we don’t directly notify emergency contacts unless there is a reason to be concerned about the student’s whereabouts. We strongly encourage students and their parents/emergency contacts to be in touch with each other throughout the program and request that students immediately notify their emergency contacts in the case of a crisis.

During a crisis, CAPA will continuously update our website and all social media pages. We encourage parents to follow us on social media channels and save the link to our website in order to receive periodic updates on the status of students abroad. If CAPA has a reason to be concerned about the safety of a student, we will take the necessary steps to reach out to parents/guardians.

My Global Education

CAPA’s unique My Global Education Program was developed to offer you, the student, a unique opportunity to make decisions about how you will learn about culture according to how you enjoy learning. Compiled by local CAPA education abroad advisers, the calendar offers a menu of different activities, events, volunteer opportunities, lectures, visits, and self-directed tours to help teach you the most about London.

With My Global Education in London, you and your new CAPA friends will be able to:

– Go on the street art walking tour and attend curry night in Brick Lane
– Tour the BBC Broadcasting House
– Attending the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London
– Witness a Victorian Amputation and the Old Amputating Theater
– Attend a Mendhi (Henna) Workshop
– Visit the Victorian Jurassic Park

– And many more!

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities with varying styles of presentation. This allows you to pick a session that speaks to you and your way of learning.

Click on the photo above to learn about one student blogger’s favorite My Global Education events!

What will I be able to do with My Global Education?

CAPA presents a My Global Education Calendar to all students and faculty. The events, reflective sessions, and activities listed are designed around significant academic themes such as Diversity, Social Dynamics, Globalization and Urban Environments. Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well rounded, and in depth view of London and the UK.

Some CAPA professors integrate My Global Education activities into their courses and assessment, so that you may have an opportunity to reflect upon, write about and present your experiences. My Global Education is also an excellent way to develop areas of interest that may be extended into an application for the CAPA Record of Achievement.




In Dublin and London you will live in shared hotel rooms or apartments while you will be in mixed-gender, shared hostel rooms in Belfast and Edinburgh.

Excursions and Transportation

You will have a full day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. You will take a public coach from Dublin to Belfast and have a full day trip from Belfast to Derry, where you will tour the Bloody Sunday and Bogside murals. You will also take a busferry from Belfast to Glasgow, a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, as well as a train from Edinburgh to London. In London you will enjoy a hop-on hop-off bus tour. You will also receive a round-trip train ticket between London and Oxford and between London and Coventry.

Student Events

Social events including an arrival reception and a farewell ceremony. You will also participate in two professional site visits, one in London and one in Dublin.

My Global City

My Global City is CAPA’s unique learning immersion program, which blends local culture and top-notch academics into the experience of a lifetime for our students. My Global City combines theme-based learning with unique cultural experiences, turning Dublin into your classroom.


All CAPA students receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance. You can review this information under our Living Abroad - Health section.

CAPA Services and Support

The CAPA Dublin team is available throughout your program to assist and support you. Students can also contact the 24-hour emergency cell phone for any urgent situations outside of office hours.


Students will live in shared hotel rooms or apartment within Dublin; Wifi and utilities are included. In Belfast and Edinburgh students will stay in mixed-gender, shared hostel rooms. (Please note students may be housed with other residents of the hostel). In London students will stay in shared hotel rooms.

  • Located within a 45 minute – 1-hour commute via public transportation from the CAPA Dublin Center
  • Single beds/bunk beds
  • A bathroom with shower
  • A place to store your clothes whether it be shelves or a closet
  • Internet access for general browsing, not meant for heavy downloading and uploading or streaming
  • Accommodations are only available during the program dates

Expect to…

  • Share your living space
  • Practice common safety guidelines

We will provide specific information about your housing approximately two weeks prior to departure. Please contact your program coordinator for specific details about your housing arrangement.


General Information

Overnight Guest Policy

No overnight guests are allowed in CAPA housing. The CAPA staff will be happy to provide you with a list of inexpensive options for your friends or family. (When arranging visits from friends and family members, we suggest that you utilize the services of STA Travel. STA Travel can assist you in finding lodging close to the CAPA center, or your own housing, and within specific budgets. For more information, call STA at (800) 224-0371).

Gym Information

Please ask for recommendations from our CAPA staff upon arrival

Advice for Adapters and Converters

  • Make sure to take the time to research the correct adapter/converter for your travels
  • Remember you can also purchase these on site

Housing Before and After the Program

Students are not allowed to stay in CAPA housing before or after the program dates. You are encouraged to travel before or after the program but would not be allowed to utilize CAPA housing.

Have Questions?

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