CAPA London immerses students in British life and culture by providing intentional pathways of study in this modern metropolis.

Our global cities curriculum is grounded in Student Learning and Development Outcomes around themes of globalization, urban environments, social dynamics, diversity, and personal and professional development. In addition, CAPA has developed Institute programs, which offer opportunities for intensive study of business, the creative arts, and community engagement.

Integrated into the CAPA London program is our innovative My Global City co-curricular programming, which engages students with the local culture through a weekly calendar of events organized around our student learning and development outcomes. These learning opportunities may include a walking tour of Brick Lane or a theater performance.

Finally, a hallmark of CAPA London is its long-standing experiential learning programming. Many CAPA London students take part in a credit-bearing Global Internship Program or Service Learning placements, which provide further immersion and an opportunity to observe British business culture and society in a variety of fields.