Study abroad with CAPA The Global Education Network

Dear London Workshop Participant:

We are delighted you will be joining CAPA for the upcoming Global Education Workshop in London, England! We hope you will find this site useful as you prepare for your journey.

As a participant in this workshop, you will

  • Analyze and explore this unique environment, much like your students will, while gaining insight into CAPA’s approach to teaching the city.
  • Be exposed to the ways in which CAPA creates learning pathways to key global issues impacting London.
  • Meet with CAPA faculty and staff, sit down with current students for a roundtable discussion, visit housing and internship sites, and participate in a My Global City event.
  • Take a guided tour of downtown London and learn how our students move about this lively city.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns throughout the workshop. We hope you had safe travels and look forward to a week of enriching discussion.

Very best wishes,

Your hosts at CAPA The Global Education Network