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Application Deadlines

Samford Spring Application Deadline October 6, 2018
CAPA Spring Application Deadline October 11, 2018
Samford Fall Application Deadline
CAPA Fall Application Deadline

Program Dates

Spring 2018

Arrive in London January 9, 2019
Depart from London April 20, 2019

Fall 2019

Arrive in London
Arrive in London

Payment Process

Samford will collect a $500 deposit due at the time of application.

Please refer back to Samford for more details on your payment process.

Cancellation Penalties

Withdrawal Date Cancellation Fees
Cancellation prior to 60 days $300
46 to 60 days prior to departure 25% of the program fee plus $300
22 to 45 days prior to departure 50% of the program fees plus $300
21 days or fewer prior to departure 100% of the program fee

This cancellation penalty policy is necessary because the booking of overseas facilities requires substantial non-refundable payments and commitments from CAPA in advance of the program start date. All notifications of withdrawal must be made in writing and sent to CAPA The Global Education Network. Students requiring CAS numbers for Tier 4 visa applications on the London program to participate in internships or service learning will include a $500 cancellation penalty for withdrawal from the program, or just the internship component between issuing of the CAS and 61 days prior to departure. Standard penalties will go into effect after that point.


CAPA's Global Internship Program consists of completing an internship 20 hours per week along with a seminar for credit. The seminar meets 1.5 hours per week. The internship is for credit. The number of credits granted for the internship varies per university.

Service Learning

During the semesters, students have the option to participate in a service-learning course, which includes 20 hours per week of field experience, alongside a weekly "Social Dynamics of London" course. The service learning placement is for credit. The number of credits granted for the placement varies per university.

Internships and more…


Students studying in London can take advantage of CAPA’s extensive network of internship sites, offering internship placements for any major.

Internships available include businesses of every kind, as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. Our local staff visit each CAPA internship site, many of which are frequent recipients of CAPA interns. Students are placed in sites that best meet their individual interests, abilities and academic background. The internships are within commuting distance of the center.

CAPA will help you to gain professional experience in your field of study in a global environment. Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect to earn through your participation in an international internship experience.

– Demonstrate flexibility and courage in unfamiliar surroundings.
– Gain cross-cultural communications skills.
– Learn about your field from a different perspective.
– Stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.
– Build relationships with international references.
– Find further immersion in local culture.
– Get academic credit for your work.

The internship placement is paired with a Global Internship Program seminar that meets once a week. When applying to the CAPA Program you will need to turn in a resume and cover letter for your future potential intern sights!

Service Learning in London

Students studying at the CAPA London Study Center during the fall and spring semester have the opportunity to enroll in a six-credit course, Contemporary Issues through Service-Learning: The Social Dynamics of London that includes 15 – 20 hours of service-learning each week. The course, with a sociological focus, will look at urban issues facing Londoners including multiculturalism, inequalities in social services ranging from education to healthcare, and welfare concerns. The course is coupled with group projects at community service organizations throughout London.

Service-learning allows students studying abroad the opportunity to work on a project during the semester that benefits the community while developing an understanding of community issues. Unlike an internship, which builds on professional skills for future career growth, the main focus of a community-based experience is to fulfill the needs of the community. CAPA has developed its community-based program to give students the opportunity to engage with the community while having time in the classroom each week to reflect on their experience. Each week students will have a three-hour seminar that looks at a variety of urban and community issues. They will also work in groups of 2-4 students at their assigned community center on a semester-long project.

NOTE: All interns and students participating in the service-learning program must apply for a UK Tier 4 Prior Entry Clearance Student Visa prior to arrival in the UK, costing approximately $550. Students who are not US citizens (including permanent residents) may have extra steps required to complete the visa process. Students with criminal records and outstanding convictions could face difficulty obtaining a visa. Contact CAPA at 1-800-793-0334 for more information.


While you are in London, you will have the exciting opportunity to participate in volunteer opportunities that will undoubtedly enrich your experience abroad.  There are many ways to get involved that will make an impact on the local community as well as your perception of your host city. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with locals, expand your worldview, and try something new. By volunteering in London, you’ll engage in an authentic cultural exchange that will enable you to experience your study abroad program to the fullest.

Types of Opportunities (Please note these vary each semester):

  • Soup Kitchen support
  • Community Clean Up events
  • Assisting with the London Marathon day
  • Steward for charity gala
  • Volunteer at CAPA Conferences (topics have included Human Rights and
  • And numerous other options!

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