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CAPA’s Global Cities program locations offer a rich field of academic potential precisely because they are multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, complex and challenging. CAPA’s unique curriculum is designed to explore the manner in which these Global Cities have been imagined, invented, and transformed by the forces of globalization throughout their history. The individual cities become, in essence, the “text” that you are guided to analyze and explore. CAPA makes this analysis and exploration possible, and personal, through our MyEducation activities and events.

You can participate in either the Global Cities Program (All Semesters), Global Business Institute (Fall and Spring Semesters), Global Civic Engagement Institute (Fall Semester), or Creative Arts and Industries Institute (Fall Semester)! Read more about these programs under Academics!

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London Fall 2017 April 7, 2017
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CAPA The Global Education Network is committed to academic excellence, integrity and innovation in learning abroad. Our mission is to provide meaningful experiences that challenge and inspire students to analyze and explore complex political, cultural and social landscapes within urban environments. Through our commitment to personalized learning, collaborative learning communities and global connections via technology, we prepare students to live and work in a globally interdependent and diverse world.