Summer 2019 in Florence, Italy!

Spend the summer living and learning in the birthplace of the Renaissance! Students will study and travel with Benedictine University faculty members with additional in-country support provided by CAPA The Global Education Network.

In shared apartments throughout the city, students will be able to live like the locals after being shown around their neighborhoods and the surrounding city on a guided walking tour. Throughout the summer term, students will be given the opportunity to explore firsthand the relationship between diet and health in Italian life, through cooking classes, museum entrances and various excursions.

From experiences ranging from an overnight visit to Rome to a  full day excursion to Emilia Romagna, students will see how the Mediterranean diet impacts all aspects of Italian life. The group will tour various production facilities of regional foods, including a family-run Balsalmic Vinegar operation in Modena, and local prosciutto and Parmesan producers, featuring tours and tastings. To finalize your transition into a certified local–you”ll also get the opportunity to learn Italian market culture by visiting several local markets throughout the term.

Speak with the Benedictine University Study Abroad Office today to secure your place on the Summer 2019 Mediterranean Diet & Health Program!

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Program Application Deadline December 7, 2018
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