Benedictine University in Florence

Application Deadlines

Program Application Deadline (To Be Determined)

Program Dates

Summer 2018 (Subject to Change)

Arrive in Florence May 14, 2018
Depart from Florence June 7, 2018

Program Fee - $3,510.00

Payment Process

Please contact the Benedictine University Study Abroad Office for information on the payment process and all application deadlines.


Students will live in shared, furnished apartments within a commuting distance from the CAPA Centre.

Local Transportation

A Florence bus pass is included for the duration of stay in the city.

Excursions & Entrances

Full-day excursion to Emilia Romagna to visit a local balsamic vinegar production as well as Parmesan cheese and prosciutto producers, in addition to exploring the sites of Bologna.

Three day, two night excursion to Rome to see the many historic sights as well as experience local street food, visit local museums and learn from locally guided tours throughout the city.

Full day excursion to the Chianti region for a guided tour of the area including a wine tour and tasting at Castello di Verrazzano, where students can learn firsthand about agritourism.

Entrances to various museums throughout Florence.

Student Events

Social events including an arrival reception and departure ceremony.

My Global City Florence

My Global City is CAPA's unique learning immersion program, which blends local culture and top-notch academics into the experience of a lifetime for our students. My Global City combines theme-based learning with unique cultural experiences, turning Florence into your classroom.


All CAPA students receive our medical, travel and accident insurance.

CAPA Services and Support

The CAPA Florence team is available throughout your program to assist and support you. Students can also contact the 24-hour emergency cell phone for any urgent situations outside of office hours.

Programming and Activities

CAPA’s unique My Global Education Program was developed to offer you, the student, a unique opportunity to make decisions about how you will learn about culture according to how you enjoy learning.  Compiled by local CAPA education abroad advisers, the calendar offers a menu of different activities, events, volunteer opportunities, lectures, visits, and self-directed tours to help teach you the most about Florence.

With My Global Education in Florence, you and your new CAPA friends will be able to:

– Take authentic Italian cooking classes (Yum!)
– Tour the secret passages of the Palazzo Vecchio
– Go on a boat trip of the Arno River
– Hike the hills outside Florence
– Play soccer with Italian students
– Visit a local shop with production of fresh pasta
– Attend a lecture about the migrant experience in Florence

– And many more!

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities with varying styles of presentation. This allows you to pick a session that speaks to you and your way of learning.

Click on the photo above to learn about one student blogger’s favorite My Global Education events!

What will I be able to do with My Global Education?

CAPA presents a My Global Education Calendar to all students and faculty.  The events, reflective sessions, and activities listed are designed around significant academic themes such as Diversity, Social Dynamics, Globalization and Urban Environments.  Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well rounded, and in depth view of Florence and Italy.

Some CAPA professors integrate My Global Education activities into their courses and assessment, so that you may have an opportunity to reflect upon, write about and present your experiences.

Have Questions?

Greg Peterson

Program Manager or 800.793.0334

Bonnie Beezhold

University Contact or 630.829.6528


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