Housing, Companion and Airfare Information
For your CAPA Program Abroad

Dear CAPA Faculty member,

We are excited to welcome you to our overseas center as you prepare to lead a group of students on an education abroad program. In order to ensure that your time abroad is as positive as possible, we would like to collect some information from you so that we can prepare for your program.

Within the form that you can access by clicking the box in the upper left hand corner of the page labeled “Click Here to Complete Faculty Form” you will note a few distinct sections.

We first need to request your personal details, as they may relate to any subsequent bookings that we complete on your behalf.

We also will ask that you re-confirm the specifications of your program abroad – the university from whence you come, the season and the location during which you will be instructing.

We’d like to also gather information regarding your accommodation preferences. Please note, a specific size apartment has been contracted in the agreement that was established with your college/university. If you are unsure of the specifications of this, do consult with your program manager, who can confirm. Should you like to upgrade or extend the dates of your stay, your program manager can work with you to advise on the cost and availability of this.

Do be sure to indicate any information that would be of particular use in locating your apartment. While we cannot meet every request, we will always endeavor to secure housing that lends to the goal of a successful program abroad. This may include, but is not limited to, specific mobility concerns that you would like to discuss more closely with your program manager, who can work to advise on any additional considerations during your time abroad.

Faculty living in apartments will need to provide a $500 refundable housing deposit. Your program manager will work with your university in the US to determine whether you will be responsible for this deposit, or if the home institution will cover it on your behalf. This deposit is intended to cover any damages or extensive cleaning needs within your apartment. It may also cover any excess cost of utilities. This deposit is to be refunded 30 days after the end of the program, less any charges – if applicable. Should any charges be made, you or your university will receive a detailed explanation of these charges.

In the following section, you will see questions pertaining to any companions coming during the program. Please note, if you do not intend to have any companions for any portion of the program, you can bypass this section completely.

Should you bring companion(s) with you during the program, we must advise that we will need to charge $50 per companion to be covered under our World Student Insurance coverage, under which you will also be covered. This is a requirement of our greater liability coverage – but we feel that your companions will avail excellently of this extensive coverage for their own benefit.

Should you indicate that any companion(s) will participate on any of the contracted group activities, such as arrival reception, excursions, etc., your program manager will work with the on-site staff to determine the cost per companion of participation. Again, your program manager will advise of these costs and then invoice you accordingly.

Finally, please do submit your form after completing these details. Your program manager will review the form, and then change the status to “accepted”. We apologize that this language may be a bit confusing as you are not “applying” to teach abroad – but please do understand it indicates we have reviewed your form.

You will find that you then have the option to log back into your form, and complete your flight details. We would request that you do this as soon as you book your flight, so that our overseas staff can plan accordingly for your arrival.

Thank you so much for your timely attention to these details. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a successful program overseas!

Welcome to CAPA.

The Pre-Departure Services Team
65 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110

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CAPA Program Manager

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