About the Program

Diversity is a core value of CAPA programs.  Diversity broadens our perspectives and enriches our experiences by compelling us to engage with ideas, values, and beliefs that differ from our own. Through the introduction of the Diversity Advocates Program, CAPA is pleased to provide all students with an opportunity to explore topics around identity, diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion within the context of their study abroad experience.

CAPA’s Diversity Advocates Program is a supported opportunity for students with a demonstrated interest in the topics above to independently engage and participate in field work on their program. Participants can continue their commitment to these topics, and expand their understanding of them through the context of their experience abroad. Recipients will receive a grant of up to $1,000* to support their field work and project.

Please Note: The Diversity Advocates Program is not a scholarship and includes a commitment of time and self-directed work. The program is a funded opportunity for personal and professional development for students engaging in the topic areas of equity and social justice.  Students seeking scholarship opportunities are still encouraged to apply for need-based scholarships.

Who Can Apply?

The Diversity Advocates Program is seeking dedicated, motivated students who have demonstrated a commitment to identity, diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion and would like to continue/build upon this focus during their time abroad.

Students must be enrolled in a CAPA Semester Study Abroad program.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted beginning 2018 until the application deadline on June 15, 2018

Finalists will be selected to participate in a Skype interview to discuss their interests in diversity advocacy.  Decisions will be communicated in July 2018

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How Does The Program Work?

CAPA Diversity Advocates will participate in the following activities:

Pre Departure

  • Virtual discussion prior to the start of the program facilitated by CAPA staff
  • Submission of headshot and bio for CAPA blog and/or website

While Abroad

  • Participate in virtual discussions facilitated by CAPA to include other Diversity Advocates Program participants
  • Participation in an online community amongst Diversity Advocate Program participants
  • Produce at least 2 blog articles while on program, topics to be approved
  • Completion of Project– Examples Include:
    • Development of a My Global City Activity:  Students choose an existing activity and, utilizing preferred media, capture its significance in shaping their understanding of identity, diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion in their global city. Students will then create and facilitate their own My Global City activity, following the framework outlined above.
    • Community Participation: Students identify organization or initiative for long term volunteer project. This must be above and beyond any Service Learning or Internship programs (there may be visa limitations for London program participants). Students will outline their involvement in the project by capturing images, journal entries and videos. Students will incorporate topics of identity, diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion into their analysis of the volunteer-work.
    • CAPA Programming Development: Students submit an original detailed proposal on a student driven programming initiative for CAPA participants. Programs should correlate to topics of identity, diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion. Students should be able to justify programming need and/or benefit through research.
    • Students may nominate their own project: Must be discussed and approved by the Director of Academic Affairs in the program location

After Program

  • Virtual post-program discussion to reflect on experience
  • Possible participation in CAPA Ambassador program
  • Develop blog entry detailing project outcomes, personal learning and development

Participants will be connected with an advisor who will assist them through project proposals and discuss project objectives and progress. Diversity Advocates may also have opportunities to present their work during end of program ceremonies, as well as online through the CAPA website and  CAPA World Blog.

Participants should anticipate spending 3 – 4 hours each week on their project.

For more information, email us at advocates@capa.org

*Note: Grant funding will be disbursed in two allotments pre-departure and post program. 

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