Study and Intern Abroad with Clark and CAPA!

Clark University has partnered with CAPA The Global Education Network to provide you with exciting opportunties to add an international dimension to your education! Please click on the program locations below to learn more about the offerings in each of these Global Cities waiting for you to explore through classroom and experiential learning abroad.

Clark University Approved Semester Programs
London (internships required)



CAPA Global Institute Semester Programs

Global Business Institute in London

Community Engagement Institute in London

Creative Arts Institute in London

Global Business Institute in Sydney

Sport Management Institute in Sydney

To learn more about CAPA Programs in other Global Cities like Buenos Aires, Barelona, Shanghai and Florence as well as our exciting summer seminars check out

*CAPA Summer Programs:
CAPA Global Seminar and Summer Programs

*CAPA Global Cities Programs:
Buenos Aires

*Students finance these opportunities independently of Clark University; CAPA scholarships are available.

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