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Students who are interested in participating in the Fullerton to Buenos Aires program should reach out to Kristen Wiederholt at Fullerton or CAPA Program Manager Zion Griffin. To confirm your place on the program, you will need to submit an application and $300 non-refundable deposit, which will go towards your overall program fee. Once this step is completed, students will need to complete an online CAPA application, which can be accessed via the red ‘apply today’ button in the top right corner of this page.

Email: kwiederholt@fullcoll.edu
Phone: 714-732-5688


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financing can often be a stressful aspect for students planning their experience abroad, but it doesn’t have to be, and the best way to alleviate that stress is to start planning early! The financial aid office on your home campus will be a very important resource, and it will be quite helpful to schedule a meeting with them as soon as possible. Even if you have never used financial aid, it may be worth it to set up an appointment, as some students find that their adjusted cost of attendance for a semester abroad may make them eligible for aid they could not previously access.

Before visiting the Financial Aid Office make sure you have a budget estimate for your program and bring this along to your meeting. It’s also a good idea to have your FAFSA submitted for the academic year you plan to be abroad.

Financial Aid is defined by most institutions as grants, federal loans, and private loans and each institution has their own policies and processes surrounding financial aid.  Students can sometimes find this process challenging, but know that CAPA, your home campus study abroad office, and financial aid office are all here to help.



CAPA offers need-based scholarships ranging from $500-5,000. The amount is determined by the Scholarship Form, which is a required piece of the application and is due by the scholarship deadline.

There are 2 pieces to this scholarship application and both must be completed by the application deadline:
1. Online personal essay questions
2. Scholarship Form – must be filled out by your home institution’s financial aid office (please allow 1-2 weeks for processing)

Deadline for Summer 2019: February 2019

Accommodations Fund

CAPA is committed to facilitating a learning abroad experience for students with disabilities.  We encourage the disclosure of disability and use a collaborative team approach that involves our support staff both stateside and abroad, the student’s study abroad advisor and disability resources coordinator, and of course the student, to determine the best means of accommodation.  While some accommodations are cost-free, we recognize that additional expenses may be incurred. In an effort to defray such expenses, we have established the Accommodation Fund.  We wish you a successful, exciting, and enriching time abroad and we are happy to support you in any way possible.

Grant Application Process:

  • Email Program Manager Zion Griffin (zgriffin@capa.org) to request an accommodations form outlining your needs.
  • Complete an anticipated additional cost sheet. Please work both with the Pre-Departure Services team, who will liaise with onsite personnel, as well as your College or University Study Abroad Office to assess potential additional costs that may arise. These can be estimates based on average costs advised by onsite personnel.
  • Permission to contact your College or University’s Office of Disability Services as well as (if applicable) State Vocational Rehabilitation Program Coordinator from whom you receive support.

CAPA will review the grant proposal and determine award amounts based on the information provided. CAPA will try to meet the financial needs of the student as they are outlined to whatever degree possible, but some awards may not completely match the amount listed by the student pending the number of grant proposals we receive.

In instances where the grant funds will cover anticipated costs overseas, the grant fund will be managed by the onsite staff and distributed as needed/requested. If the proposed costs pertain to aspects of the program prior to departure, CAPA will make direct payments on the student’s behalf to the designated payee.

National Study Abroad Scholarships

In addition to CAPA and Fullerton scholarships, there are many other national scholarship competitions you can apply for to receive extra funding. Many of these scholarships require you to apply a year in advance, so definitely do your homework ahead of time. Please visit each individual link below to learn more about eligibility, deadlines and how to apply:

Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship

Fund for Education Abroad

Diversity Network Travel Scholarship

Foundation for Global Scholars

NSEP-Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

Phi Kappa Phi

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships

Sarah’s Wish Foundation

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Zion Griffin

CAPA Program Manager

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