Marshall University Barcelona

Application Deadlines

Summer 2018 March 11, 2018
Fall 2018 June 7, 2018
Spring 2019 October 11, 2018

Program Dates

Summer 2018:

Arrive June 2, 2018
Depart July 15, 2018

Fall 2018:

Arrive September 2, 2018
Depart December 14, 2018

Spring 2019

Arrive January 20, 2019
Depart May 4, 2019

Payment Process

Students planning on using financial aid will need to work with their home campuses to complete CAPA’s Financial Aid Disbursement Form (Please also refer to our “Financial Aid” page on this website for additional useful information). Financial aid students need to submit this completed form along with 30% of their program fee by the application deadlines above. The remaining 70% of the program fee is due at 30 days before the program. Students not using financial aid will be responsible for the full program fee payment upon the application deadline noted above.

Cancellation Penalties

Withdrawal Date Cancellation Fees
Cancellation prior to 60 days $300
46 to 60 days prior to departure 25% of the program fee plus $300
22 to 45 days prior to departure 50% of the program fees plus $300
21 days or fewer prior to departure 100% of the program fee

This cancellation penalty policy is necessary because the booking of overseas facilities requires substantial non-refundable payments and commitments from CAPA in advance of the program start date. All notifications of withdrawal must be made in writing and sent to CAPA The Global Education Network. Students requiring CAS numbers for Tier 4 visa applications on the London program to participate in internships or service learning will include a $500 cancellation penalty for withdrawal from the program, or just the internship component between issuing of the CAS and 61 days prior to departure. Standard penalties will go into effect after that point.


Semester programs earn 12 to 18 credits. Summer session earns 6-9 credits.


Optional experiential learning opportunities are included in the program fee. CAPA’s Global Internship Program consists of completing an internship along with a seminar for credit. The seminar meets 1.5 hours per week (3 in the summer). The internship is for credit. The number of credits granted for the internship varies per university. English and Spanish speaking placements are available. However, students need a minimum of four semesters of college-level Spanish for the Spanish placements.


Students will be housed in shared apartments or homestays throughout the city, all of which will be 45-60 minutes from the IAU/CAPA Center. Homestays include breakfast and dinner with the family. No meals are included in the apartment.

Local Transportation

A metro pass is included in the program fee.


Full day to Girona
Figueres and Dali Museum
Full day to Montserrat (semesters only)

Student Events

Social events including an arrival reception, mid-term dinner (semesters only), and a farewell ceremony.

My Global City Barcelona

My Global City is CAPA’s unique learning immersion program, which blends local culture and top-notch academics into the experience of a lifetime for our students. A proven education program that combines theme based learning with unique cultural experiences turning Barcelona into your classroom.


Medical, travel and accident insurance.

CAPA Services and Support

The CAPA Barcelona team is available throughout your program to assist and support you. Students can also contact the 24 hour emergency cell phone for any urgent situations outside of office hours.


Barcelona is your Classroom! 

CAPA Global Cities 

Each semester and summer CAPA offers a wide variety of courses that fit a variety of majors. Our diverse range of academic courses will challenge and inspire you. Across the board, every CAPA course has integrated activities designed to get you out of the classroom and into the city, making your whole time abroad an engaging and dynamic experience! Students take courses at the IAU/CAPA center in downtown Barcelona.  

To view the course offerings and download sample syllabi for upcoming programs, please click here. It is important that you contact your study abroad office for more information on which courses will be available to you. 

As part of the Barcelona program, you will also have the option to participate in an international internship (you must be fluent in Spanish or have 4 semesters of Spanish language classes completed). There are also opportunities for internship placements in English. 

All CAPA students receive full credit for courses and internships completed. Most contextual course earns 3 credits. The number of credits granted for the internship option, including the required Global Internships Program course, varies per institution. 

Internships and more…

CAPA has an extensive network of internship sites available in Barcelona. Internships in Spanish are an excellent experience for students who have already studied Spanish for 4 semesters. Internships in English may also be an option for students with limited Spanish proficiency. 

Internships are available in businesses of many kinds, as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. Our local staff visit each CAPA internship site, many of which are frequent recipients of CAPA interns.  Students are placed in sites that best meet their individual interests, abilities and academic background. 

CAPA will help you to gain professional experience in your field of study in a global environment. Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect to earn through your participation in an international internship experience. 

– Demonstrate flexibility and courage in unfamiliar surroundings.
– Gain cross-cultural communications skills.
– Learn about your field from a different perspective.
– Stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.
– Build relationships with international references.
– Find further immersion in local culture.
– Get academic credit for your work. 

The internship placement is paired with a Global Internship Program class that meets each week. 

Programming and Activities

CAPA’s unique My Global Education Program was developed to offer you, the student, a unique opportunity to make decisions about how you will learn about culture according to how you enjoy learning.  Compiled by local CAPA education abroad advisers, the calendar offers a menu of different activities, events, volunteer opportunities, lectures, visits, and self-directed tours to help teach you the most about Barcelona. 

With My Global Education in Barcelona, you and your new CAPA friends will be able to: 

Learn about the Mediterranean cuisine through Tapas tasting.  

Explore what locals do by the sea (from sport, to dancing, to eating).  

Visit a Design Trade Show.  

Visit small local businesses and learn how these family businesses are run (from chocolate factories to wineries).  

Explore the Born District, the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona’s famous food markets.  

Walking tour of Gaudi architecture. 

– And many more! 

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities with varying styles of presentation. This allows you to pick a session that speaks to you and your way of learning. 

What will I be able to do with My Global Education? 

CAPA presents a My Global Education Calendar to all students and faculty.  The events, reflective sessions, and activities listed are designed around significant academic themes such as Diversity, Social Dynamics, Globalization and Urban Environments.  Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well rounded, and in depth view of Barcelona and Spain. 

Some CAPA professors integrate My Global Education activities into their courses and assessment, so that you may have an opportunity to reflect upon, write about and present your experiences. 

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